• Date From Fall 2014 to Spring 2015
Luna and Her Flower (In Progress: Lead Production Artist – Unity3D Adventure Game)

A Work in Progress shot of our current gameplay visuals. Please note that some assets are in placeholder state.

A comparison between the Unity Standard Shader and our own Character Shader.

Another example, our Depth-based Water Shader, along with flow customization via UV2.

A screenshot of our current kit library.

Luna and Her Flower is a 3D Adventure game with Time-Manipulation mechanics. It is our current undergraduate thesis project in development, working with a group of 8 people. Working alongside with our Art Director and a team of other two 3D artists, I’ve been tasked with leading and helping them in order to translate our concept vision and style into 3D. I was responsible for all lighting and shader creation in the project using ShaderForge, alongside the main character and hero assets used in the game, as well as some UI and camera implementation.

It has been in developent for the past 3 months, and we intend on finishing a commercial demo by the end of 2017.
Cold Night (3D Environments and Characters, Lighting – Mobile, Unity3D)
Cold Night is a project done in a group of 6 people in order to develop a point-and-click game for mobile.

The game takes place in the 60s, during the cold war, and the player takes the role of Jerry, a waiter that gets framed for murder and has to clear his own name.

The demo of the first case was made in 3 months, and I was the art lead on the project. I was responsible for most of the environment modeling (except for the evidences and the barstand), all of the characters, and was also responsible for the lighting. I learned a great deal with this project, and it was my first time dealing with PBR and linear rendering, as well as working with lightmaps and working for mobile devices. Unity 5 had just come out back then, and we managed to learn a lot of the new system with this project too.
Reboot (Environment Artist, Animator – Flash Game)

Second Level of the game.

Reboot is a short 2D stealth-platformer done in a group of 7 students in order to create a web flash game. It is the first game I’ve ever worked on, and I was the art lead on the project, making sure we’d follow a consistent art direction.

Inspired by games such as Gunpoint and Castlevania, and environments from Star Trek and posters from the 60s, I wanted to create a mood that would make the player want to know more about the main character’s past and universe.

The game takes place in a retro-futuristic world. I worked on all the backgrounds and animation inbetweens. The game contains 3 levels and was developed in 3 months.

The game utilizes parkour-based mechanics in order to give more control to the player for stealth approaches.

Near the end of the game.

Here's a small teaser for the game: Eat until BOOM! Is a small project I did with a fellow programmer in a couple days worth of work. It's a casual game about this monster who has this immeasurable need to eat everything on his way. I was responsible for all the art, and It was pretty fun working with vector art on the whole project. Animations were done using Spine for Unity.

Eat Until Boom is available on Google Play!

Shot of the environment in the game.